Sheriff School Safety Meeting Search


In accordance with Local Government Code, Chapter 85.024, the sheriff of a Texas county with a total population of less than 350,000 in which a public school is located shall call and conduct semiannual school safety meetings. The sheriff is required to submit a report to the Texas School Safety Center identifying the attendees of the meeting and the topics discussed. The Texas School Safety Center maintains the meeting reports, which can be accessed at the Sheriff School Safety Meeting Search webpage.

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Fall 2023 EOP Review Cycle


The Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC) opens the Fall 2023 Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) Review Cycle on September 25, 2023. K-12 superintendents and college presidents/chancellors will receive an email with information on how to submit documentation to the center. Plans are due by October 26, 2023, and HB3 shortened the timeframe (six months to three months) for responding to notices of deficiency. Contact TxSSC_EOP@txstate.edu with any questions.

Safe Firearm Storage Information


As required by Texas Education Code 37.222, the TxSSC, in collaboration with the Texas Department of Public Safety, is providing each school district and open-enrollment charter school information regarding the safe storage of firearms. Districts must provide this information to the parent or guardian of each student enrolled in the district or school. The TxSSC recommends providing this information twice annually. Download the Safe Firearm Storage Resources Flyer.

School Safety and Security Committee Guidelines


Texas Education Code specifically describes who shall serve on a School Safety and Security Committee, how often they shall meet and what they are charged to implement. This committee must actively participate in developing and implementing emergency plans for campuses and other facilities. The TxSSC has developed guidelines and FAQs to assist districts with this important task. Download the Committee Guidelines