Communicable Disease Annex Toolkit

1.0 Annex and Appendix Documents

This section provides materials found in the online course. The CDA template, completion guide and other resources referenced in the Communicable Disease Annex (CDA) course can be accessed below.

District Actions and Responsibilities Table

This chart, introduced in Module 6, section 6.2, will assist you with assigning actions and roles during each of the five phases of managing a communicable disease incident.

District Actions and Responsibilities Table

Annex Sections Graphic

This graphic provides a summary of each of the five sections of an annex.

Annex Sections Graphic

CDA Completion Guide (TxSSC)

This guide will assist your district with completing the Communicable Disease Annex Template developed by the Texas School Safety Center.

CDA Completion Guide (TxSSC, 2022)

Communicable Disease Annex Template (TxSSC)

This template, developed by the Texas School Safety Center, will assist your district with creating a Communicable Disease Annex that uses language that applies to all districts and eliminates repeated information in your annex.

Communicable Disease Annex Template (TxSSC, 2022)

Selected EPA-Registered Disinfectants

This EPA webpage contains information on certain EPA-registered disinfectants, including links to lists of products registered against common pathogens like hepatitis or norovirus.

Texas Notifiable Conditions 2021

This document is beneficial for understanding when to report all confirmed and suspected cases of a communicable disease.

Texas Notifiable Conditions 2021