Advanced Digital Threat Assessment Trainings

Virtual Training

The Advanced Digital Threat Assessment Training will build and expand significantly on the skills gained in the Basic Digital Threat Assessment training. Participants will leave with a concrete understanding of how to find and curate relevant digital information as is typically represented in a real-life digital threat assessment data gathering scenario. Major engagement and hands-on practice will take place as participants are assembled into investigative teams and given mock real-life scenarios. This training is designed for individuals who serve on the Safe and Supportive School Program Team and conduct threat assessments.

The Texas School Safety Center, in collaboration with Safer Schools Together (SST), will be offering this one-day Advanced Digital Threat Assessment training at no cost.

Registration Requirements

Participants will only be eligible to attend this training after completion of the Basic Digital Threat Assessment training offered through the Texas School Safety Center, which introduces necessary key concepts and is a non-negotiable prerequisite for the advanced training.

After successfully completing the Basic Digital Threat Assessment training, you will be able to register for and attend the Advanced Digital Threat Assessment Training.

*To register for the Advanced Digital Threat Assessment Training, individuals must follow the steps noted above.

Please Note: This training is open to Texas public ISDs, open-enrollment charter schools, junior colleges, school-based law enforcement, and state agencies that support schools. Because this is a technology-driven and advanced training, registrants must be individuals who are responsible for investigating online threats. Registration slots will be filled in the order received. Due to limited space, vendors and contractors are not permitted to register for this training.

Electronic Devices:

We recommend the following: apart from a PC, Laptops/Microsoft Surface Pro, MacBook or Google Chromebooks will work for you to receive the best from the hands-on portion of the training. Tablets are not compatible with some aspects of the training and searching capabilities are restricted with iPads. Please ensure you do not have any firewalls up that could block you from accessing Zoom or external websites during the training. You should also make sure that devices are fully charged and ready to go.

REQUIRED: All Advanced Digital Threat Assessment attendees must have the following already set up and completed before the day of the training.

  • An alternate alias email address that you will use to create the below social media accounts. Choose either a Gmail address: or a Yandex Mail address or have a new employee email set up (if applicable). Examples: or
  • The following accounts must be created as empty accounts and will have no activity (no pictures, no friends added, no followers). They can be set up with some denomination or link back to your place of work (example below), or as completely random. The reality is that none of these accounts are meant to be used for ANYTHING other than to get in the door of these social media platforms and to search publicly available information.
    • A Twitter account (select an alias username)
    • A Snapchat account (select an alias username)

Note: If multiple team members are attending from the same school/department/unit, one account can be created for each of the above platforms and the username/password can be shared between you and your team members (except Snapchat which can only be operated on one phone and on one account at once).

Please note, it is never advised to login to these threat assessment team accounts on your personal device.

*You must attend entire training to be eligible to receive 7 hours Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Credit. If a portion of the class is missed, then the entire training must be made up at a later date. Please email if you would like to reschedule.

Special Accommodations:

Please submit all special accommodations request(s) via email to no later than two weeks prior to the training.

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All virtual trainings will be provided through the Zoom online meeting platform.
To pre-install the Zoom meeting software click the "Download" button under Zoom Desktop Client or click the following link to watch a video tutorial on Joining a Zoom Meeting. Once you are registered and confirmed, a direct Zoom link will be sent to you 1-2 days prior to the training date.

Information for Law Enforcement Officers

In order to receive Texas Commission Law Enforcement (TCOLE) credit for this training each Texas Peace Officer and/or individual seeking TCOLE credit must do the following:

  • Take the training on either a desktop, laptop or tablet with a camera. Cell phones are not permitted to be used for the training.
  • Allow your webcam video feed to be active and monitored throughout the entire training, and you must be visible from the shoulders up.
  • Be in an appropriate space free from distractions and remain focused throughout the training.
  • You are not allowed to be in a vehicle while participating in the training.

A TxSSC facilitator will be monitoring attendance the entire training and will be making contact with any individual who is not present in their webcam feed.

All times listed below are in the Central Time Zone.

To begin registration, select any date tile labeled "OPEN."

In order to receive a Certificate of Participation, participants must attend entire training on their own individual device.

Current Virtual Trainings

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