Funding Available for Tobacco Enforcement Program (TEP)

Solicitation Overview

As part of the state’s Tobacco Enforcement Program (TEP), the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University (TxSSC) solicits local law enforcement agencies to submit applications for the purpose of conducting controlled buy/stings and follow-up controlled buy/stings of tobacco permitted and e-cigarette retail outlets statewide.

Application Information

Tobacco Enforcement Program (TEP)

Fiscal Year: 2024

Purpose of Funds:
Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC) will make contracts to counties and municipalities to enable local law enforcement agencies to enforce Subchapter H, Chapter 161, Texas Health and Safety Code in a manner that can reasonably be expected to reduce the extent to which cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and tobacco products are illegally sold or distributed to persons who are younger than 21 years of age. TxSSC shall rely, to the fullest extent possible, on sheriffs, constables, or police departments to enforce this subchapter. Contract amounts will be contingent on the overall number of applications received, applicant’s jurisdictional retail outlet density, and meeting goals for statewide coverage per Health and Human Services Regions.

Scope of Work:
Selected contractors providing services under this agreement will conduct on-site controlled buy/stings and follow-up controlled buy/stings involving the use of minor decoys (i.e., “Stings”), record the controlled buy/sting information on the Cigarette, E-cigarette, and Tobacco Controlled Buy/Sting Report form, and submit monthly activity reports to TxSSC. TxSSC will reimburse contracted law enforcement agencies $125.00 for each completed controlled buy/sting conducted.

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the fiscal year contingent on availability of funds.

Contractors are responsible for obtaining the appropriate approvals from their governing body (city council or county commissioner’s court) to accept the funds for implementation of contracted services on contract start date.

Applying for a Contract:
Interested law enforcement agencies should contact the Texas School Safety Center.

Application or Funding Questions:
Direct all questions regarding funding opportunities to:
Bea Pyle
Tobacco Enforcement Program Manager
(512) 408-0405

If your agency is interested in participating and/or learning more about the Tobacco Enforcement Program, please complete The Interested Agency Contact Form. Once the form is submitted, the contact person listed will receive a response from TxSSC.